Sunday, 23 August 2015

Dresser and bedside tables makeover

Hello everyone!
Long time no write, right?
Well, as some of you may know in the beginning of June I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl (if I do say so myself!) and these past three months have been very very busy, exciting and full of total happiness for me.
So all this time blogging and let alone diy creations were rather a luxury for me and I have to admit I missed it a little.
Another thing that is considered to be a luxury for me at the moment because of my being a new and inexperienced mom is having a vacation.
But fortunately, I had the chance to go to my hubby's village (which I have mentioned in a previous post) for a few days and to combine a mountain holiday and also some diy activity which proved to be rather relaxing for me.
The diy challenge was quite big:How can someone transform an old 80's bedroom set of dresser and bedside tables into a new shabby chic one with a Laura Ashley style?
And how can someone do this without all the facilities and crafts' shops that he can find in a big city?
As I have previously said Samarina -my husband's village- is located at the Pindos mountains in about 1700 m height and the only store that provides very very few hardware store products is also a mini market(!). (So you get the picture of how difficult it can be to have everything you need for a last minute and total furniture make over).
Luckily white acrylic paint was available at this hardware store/mini market and brushes, sandpaper and decoupage paper and glue were brought from home just in case I decided to be creative.
The things I needed for this transformation were:
A damp old towel
A small box of white acrylic paint
A big brush for the white acrylic paint
A small brush for decoupage
Decoupage glue
Decoupage decoration paper

First of all I had to use the sandpaper over all the surfaces of the dresser and the bedside tables.The surfaces were not very shinny so this was an easy thing to do.
The before part -sorry for the blurry photo :( 
Then I took away all the dust the sandpaper did with the old and damp towel.
After that hubby and I started to paint the furniture in the quickest and most careless way anyone could paint! (This was the fun part of the make over).
Another blurry photo :(
When the paint got dry I did the decoupage:
I cut the patterns I needed and I put glue on top of the furniture, then the paper on it and last some glue above the decoupage patterns.
And voila!
The shabby chic bedroom set of dresser and bedside tables totally restored.

  I believe the result was quite satisfactory given the fact I had too few materials and time to make this transformation.
What do you think?


  1. Nice to see you back!Funny you had the courage to do all that!AriadnefromGreece!

  2. welcome back Dimitra!!!!

    The furniture is really beautiful! and so shabby chic I have to say!!!

    Have a great time with your little princess!!!

  3. @Ariadne:Thank you Ariadne!Actually as I said it was very relaxing for me!Kisses!
    @Zina Z:Thank you Zina!I'm glad you liked it!


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