Friday, 13 September 2013

EGST recipe column

Hello again!
I would like to inform you that starting from this month I will be the new recipe column publisher of the Etsy Greek Street Team blog.
So all you Greek Etsy sellers who would like to see one of your yummy recipes published you could send it to me written both in greek and english (make sure it is fully detailed as far as instructions are concerned) along with some clear photos.
If you have a problem with translation no worries, I could do it for you.
You could send me anything you like, recipes of traditional dishes or gourmet ones.
Below there is a link so you could check out how the recipe will be presented:
 So come on you Etsians show us what you cook!!!
 PS1: I would like to thank the EGST team for giving me the chance to be part of it.Thank you girls!!
 PS2: You can send your recipes in this mail'll be waiting! :)

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Shopbevel jewelry design contest #2

Hello everyone!
Hope you're doing fine.
As for me, it was such a pleasant surprise to find some days ago in my Etsy inbox an email from one of the Shopbevel people inviting me to another contest the site is hosting which is called Mykonos Blue Design Challenge.
So without any hesitation, I have just submitted one of my designs which I thought would fit this certain jewelry design contest.
After all, the first experience was far more than positive for me.I mean,the whole process from voting till the final result announcement was very exciting and even though I didn't get to be the winner (As far as voting is concerned I was rated at about the 10th position in approximately 135 entries) I really enjoyed each and every minute of the procedure.
My new submission is this one:

It is a handmade stained glass boat pendant in cobalt and light blue,already listed in my Etsy shop and you can vote for it HERE.
Thank you in advance!

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Summer farewell

What a lovely farewell  to summer this tune and clip is...

Let's just hope that sunny,warm days aren't over yet and we can still enjoy them throughout September (or further more).
But even if the weather chooses otherwise let's just keep the feelings,the images and the odors of this summer inside us as a token from this blessed season.
P.S1.Oh poetic can a single video clip turn you into?
P.S2.Use full screen for watching.Then you'll get even more poetic..;).
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