Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Ηοw to create your own coffee and tea bar area in the kitchen

Hello everyone!
Hope you are doing fine.
As for me I entered my blog after a lifetime and I was surprised to see that my latest post was about a year and a half! Wow! Time flies, indeed!

Anyway, today I would like to share with you one idea that I always thought was cool when I saw it on Pinterest and it kind of became a necessity when we moved to our new rental about two months ago.
The new house is situated in one of the most beautiful, picturesque areas of Luxembourg, full of vineyards which produce fine, prestigious, award winning wines but is mostly very very famous for a milestone EU treaty signing. Yep, you have probably guessed it by now, especially my Luxembourg followers, we live in the greater Schengen region now!

The property has a lot of great advantages like a big garden, another small one for growing vegetables (we do intend -us city kids- to become farmers in the future!), a big terrace with a great view, spacious rooms, a big storage space  with shelves BUT the kitchen cupboards are very few and some of them are 'occupied' with fitted electric appliances.
That means whenever we want to cook, take the dishes from the dishwasher machine, whatever.... things get reeal crowded at the kitchen corner!

To cut a long story short, we thought that we should somehow make an extention of our kitchen working area.
That is why the idea of a coffee bar where we could put all the coffee and tea related stuff as well as other things that could declutter the kitchen counter sounded great.

I searched a lot for the perfect piece of furniture and this one from IKEA was the ideal one.
White, simple, nothing fancy, at a reasonable price but mostly functional.

Then we needed a new coffee machine and we found one that could also make tea, how cool is that? (Since I am more of a tea than a coffee lover, you got me at tea making!)
Actually, it can prepare hot water for every beverage like tea, chocolate and even soup!

We also needed some other accessories from  IKEA like a sugar container or a honey dipper and a tea measure to add a little extra something  that would make the coffee bar look more 'professional' or hotelbreakfast-like. We added some other sweetening options  as well like agave syrup or honey which we prefer more to sweeten our tea or coffee and coffee out of guarana which is a healthier version (yep, such healthy eating freaks we are these days, no white sugar whatsoever !)

Additionally, a small wooden box bought about two years ago from the french Gifi (the equivalent of the Greek Jumbo),  could perfectly host the coffee filters on its small, cute wooden drawer apart from the tea sachets that is.

Finally, all the herbs my mother in law sent us from Greece (well, we asked her to send us some tea and she provided us with different kinds of organic herbs that will last us two or three lives, generous as ever!) were placed in different glass jars ( I actually like that they are different sizes, shapes and they sort of have a second life now) and put in a wooden tray.
Our metal fruit plates would bring color and freshness to the bar and will remind us to add vitamins to our every day routine and not just caffeine,  while a lovely velvet basket, bought from CASA could be like a wine rack so that whenever, during the late hours, we needed something stronger than coffee and tea, we would have it whithin our reach ;).

Of course, this is not a static arrangement, a lemonade container could also be handy during the summer as well as a stand milk frother that is the must have utensil for the famous Greek frappe coffee or speaking of Greek coffee this little cutie here which prepares it in a second and proved to be very useful to me especially during office hours!

Last but not least we wanted to add a little sense of humour to the set, so I bought these lovely posters from Etsy that were printed on canvas and made it quite clear to anyone that THIS is the place for coffee and tea (as if they would not have guessed by now!)

I hope you find my idea useful, please comment below as it's been such I long time that I heard from you.
Till next time, hope it won't be that long!

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Fashion Revolution Afteworks workshop

Hello everyone!

Hope you are doing fine. As for me I've been busy with lots of things so blogging was not my priority, although once more I admit I really missed it.
Anyway, last month was a very interesting period for me craftwise.
Maybe some of you remember that my latest 'experiment' with new reusable materials was making Christmas ornaments with PET plastic bottles and also making my debut (so to speak) as a DIY workshop animator.
Well, this workshop was a success so Stylianee from whatevewears who is Luxembourg's Fashion Revolution Coordinator asked me to do this again in the context of Fashion Revolution Week which was held from the 23th till the 28th of April 2018.
The event was hosted in Gudde Wellen and a number of ethical fashion designers and trend setters participated and presented their products, all manufactured with eco-friendly and sustainable materials.*
This time we created statement brooches made out of plastic bottles and all the participants were so full of ideas and inspiration!
So I let the photos do all the talking instead of me.
Till next time
Take care and keep on asking #whomademyclothes!

Some of the samples I prepared before the workshop
The participants were so creative and took upcycling to another level!

All materials (including nail polish!) were used 

So many talented and eco conscious designers and artists gathered in one place

Our Fashion Revolution Team, me on the left and our CC in the middle  (thank you Stylianee for being such an inspiration!)

Be curious. Find out. Do something.


*Of course, as many of you now this event is taking place in every country and is part of a global movement called Fashion Revolution which demands more transparency and better conditions for garment workers across the globe.
This movement emerged after the tragic accident of the 2013 Rana building collapse where 1.134 people were killed and approximately 2.500 were injured. This is considered the deadliest structural failure accident in modern history and therefore also the deadliest garment factory accident in history.
So after this tragedy, people all over the world reacted massively and wanted to know more about the way fashion products are being manufactured.
The hashtag #whomademyclothes became viral and the movement a great success.
Moreover, this instant reaction from consumers worldwide forced the fashion manufacturers to develop a more responsible and eco friendly policy as far as their products are concerned (although a lot of things need to be done towards this direction).

Saturday, 23 December 2017

An upcycling workshop with plastic bottles and more!

Hello everyone!
Hope you are doing fine and having a great time making last minute Christmas preparations.
As for me, it has been a very creative period craftwise.
First of all, I had the chance to be a workshop animator of an upcycling workshop which was organised by Caritas Luxembourg and was hosted by TheOfficeSarl. In this workshop as I have previously said, I had to show the participants how to make Christmas ornaments out of plastic bottles.
The materials apart from the bottles were quite simple and easy to find at home: Glue, beads, nail polish,ribbons and of course fire that transformed the bottles into very lovely Christmas decoration.
The participants showed great enthousiasm and the results were really very impressive!
Have a look at their creations:

The other two animators Stylianee from what.eve.wears and Anay from Anaydesigns made also some great stuff with their own reusable materials. Stylianee and her team made Christmas wreaths from metal hangers and old clothes and Anay and her group made festive earrings with fabric and strings.
Have a look at their soo very cute creations:

The super talented Stylianee!

And a young but super talented participant!

Anyway, it was a very fun and creative Monday evening, we were all very excited and anxious to have another upcycling event in the near future.
Hope this happens soon!
So that's it for now
I wish you all a merry Christmas full of love and joy!
Till next time
Take care

Monday, 27 November 2017

My latest obsession... Plastic bottles!

Hello everyone,
Hope you are doing fine!
As for me, I am good and feeling very happy because I finally have the chance to have my diy equipment back from Greece so all the need to be creative has gone through the roof!
All this time, my mind was full of inspiration about new materials and new ways to express this creativity, but without my tools and supplies the ideas remained just ideas.
One of the things I was most eager to try was upcycling objects and giving them a new life.
Apart from that, I was at a point where going back to using metals for creating jewelry (which is mostly my diy field) was almost out of the question. Being a mother of a toddler and not having an extra room in our appartment to use it as a craft room would definitely create an unhealthy environment for my girl.
 As an alternative, I could use the garage of course but the weather conditions in Luxembourg are surely a no-go at this time of the year (Brrr too much cold and humidity!).
So after a lot of surfing on the Internet I decided to try and create jewelry with... plastic bottles!
Yep, you read it right the common plastic bottles which are used for water/tea/juice containers.
This method is really simple and so much fun to do! Besides that, all this upcycling and creating objects from humble, cheap materials has -as all of you may know- become a great trend but mostly it has become a philosophy and a way of life. So, zero waste movement is very popular also here in Luxembourg and I am really glad that I now become a part of it.
Before I show some of my creations that are going to be sold at my Etsy shop shortly, I would like to inform you that on the 18th of December I will be one of the three workshop animators on this event and I am soo excited about it!
 In this workshop, which is organized by Fashion Revolution and Caritas Luxembourg , we will make Christmas ornaments with plastic bottles, glue, ribbons, nail polish (!),  beads (and the help of the fire of course!) so all my Luxembourg followers please come and join us for a fun evening, full of creativity, finger food, drinks and above all the Christmas spirit all around us!
At this point, I would like to thank the very talented Stylianee from what.eve.wears for giving me this great opportunity to be part of this lovely workshop. Thanks again Stylianee and keep up the good work!

So here is a glimpse of what we will do at this workshop

Οne, small, colourful family...

and here is a look of some of the new pieces of jewelry I'm working on right now.

Work in progress...
Work finished!

Still working on this right now...
Hope you like them, I am really really curious to read your comments...
Till next time
Take care,

Monday, 24 July 2017

A light DIY modern, rock inspired mirror

Hello everyone!
Hope you're doing fine.
Well it's been such a long time that I did not post anything here (from January -thaaat long!) and this happened for a number of reasons: First of all, as many of you know, my family and me moved to Luxembourg. That is not an excuse you may think. Yeah, probably you' re right but the thing is I do have a lot of stuff to be occupied with here (as I like to say 'such a small country so many things to do').
Second of all, some months ago I opened an account on Instagram and I am pretty excited about it, so I post most of my activities there which is something I enjoy because I prefer photos do the talkin' at this moment in my life.
Last but NOT least, I have no diy/jewelry making activity right now due to the fact I have not brought all this equipment here since we moved in such a great rush (we had to find an apartment, move and do all the paper work in less than 2 months!). This is something I missed terribly and now that I return to Greece for vacation I am going to fix it pronto (Oh yes, all the craft equiment is going to be triumphantly reunited with its anxious owner!).

Nevertheless, I did manage to do an one and only craft this period of time because I had to 'fill' an empty wall. The wall decoration in rentals -here in Luxembourg- is a pretty complicated story since the renters are entitled to do very very tiny holes on the wall (or not at all at some 'strick landlord' cases).
So, I wanted to create a very light mirror fixture because I could not hang the heavy mirrors I had at home. Moreover, I had to use all the beer caps I kept all this time which were in fact quite lovely and extraordinary (pink elephants, cherries, dwarves, guillotines (!) and many colorful logos from a number of different Luxembourgish, German and Belgian beers).

To make a long story short, I did a light and modern mirror with very few materials: Just a mirror, a good glue,a hanger triangle hook and the beer caps, of course.
First of all I had to see how many beer caps I needed in each beer cap circle I made (I also tried to put them in a way that no identical cap was next or close to another).

Then, I glued one by one, the one next to the other, and I made the first circle of the mirror frame.
After that, I glued the second circle quite close to the first one.
I waited for about a couple of hours (that of course depends on the kind of glue you have -make sure that it is a strong one and also do not use a glue gun because it 'll make things messier than easy. I for example used this one which proved to be great for the job).

Finally, when I was pretty sure that the beer caps were very steady, I glued the triangle hook at the back of the mirror.
And there you are!
A light, easy to make, modern, rock inspired mirror!
I'm ready to read your comments.

Till next time
Take care

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