Monday, 2 November 2015

A lovely handmade mei tai baby carrier

Ηi everyone,
Hope you're doing fine.
Me,well I've been pretty busy with my obligations as a new mom so eventually writing for the blog was not one of my priorities.
All this time though, I had in the back of mind to write about a baby product that has helped me tremendously during the first 2-3 months of my baby (and still is actually!).
It is a baby carrier -a mei tai to be more accurate- that has made my life with my newborn way easier.
After doing some research on the internet about the right way to carry your baby, I found out that the best way to do it and not harm your newborn's spine is having a mei tai and not a baby carrier that keeps your baby's spine on a upright position.
So all this internet surfing led me to a lovely Greek Etsy shop and a very talented and creative person behind these colorful and inspiring handmade creations.
Iro is the owner of Κίτρινο (=means yellow in Greek) and a very friendly girl who makes fabulous women bags, mei tai baby carriers, ordinary scarves and scarves for nursing and also diaper bags.
The patterns and colors are just amazing and each creation is one of a kind.
I also got my mei tai in a colorful fabric bag so that I could keep it clean and have it easily carried everywhere (and to tell you the truth I do carry it  and use it everywhere - from practically each and every room of my house when the baby is restlelss and crying to going for a walk or shopping).
You can check οut her Etsy shop, her Facebook page and her site.
I'm sure you'll find something to absolutely fall in love with!

Me and my baby girl with Kitrino mei tai baby carrier

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Dresser and bedside tables makeover

Hello everyone!
Long time no write, right?
Well, as some of you may know in the beginning of June I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl (if I do say so myself!) and these past three months have been very very busy, exciting and full of total happiness for me.
So all this time blogging and let alone diy creations were rather a luxury for me and I have to admit I missed it a little.
Another thing that is considered to be a luxury for me at the moment because of my being a new and inexperienced mom is having a vacation.
But fortunately, I had the chance to go to my hubby's village (which I have mentioned in a previous post) for a few days and to combine a mountain holiday and also some diy activity which proved to be rather relaxing for me.
The diy challenge was quite big:How can someone transform an old 80's bedroom set of dresser and bedside tables into a new shabby chic one with a Laura Ashley style?
And how can someone do this without all the facilities and crafts' shops that he can find in a big city?
As I have previously said Samarina -my husband's village- is located at the Pindos mountains in about 1700 m height and the only store that provides very very few hardware store products is also a mini market(!). (So you get the picture of how difficult it can be to have everything you need for a last minute and total furniture make over).
Luckily white acrylic paint was available at this hardware store/mini market and brushes, sandpaper and decoupage paper and glue were brought from home just in case I decided to be creative.
The things I needed for this transformation were:
A damp old towel
A small box of white acrylic paint
A big brush for the white acrylic paint
A small brush for decoupage
Decoupage glue
Decoupage decoration paper

First of all I had to use the sandpaper over all the surfaces of the dresser and the bedside tables.The surfaces were not very shinny so this was an easy thing to do.
The before part -sorry for the blurry photo :( 
Then I took away all the dust the sandpaper did with the old and damp towel.
After that hubby and I started to paint the furniture in the quickest and most careless way anyone could paint! (This was the fun part of the make over).
Another blurry photo :(
When the paint got dry I did the decoupage:
I cut the patterns I needed and I put glue on top of the furniture, then the paper on it and last some glue above the decoupage patterns.
And voila!
The shabby chic bedroom set of dresser and bedside tables totally restored.

  I believe the result was quite satisfactory given the fact I had too few materials and time to make this transformation.
What do you think?

Sunday, 10 May 2015

My secret bunny

Hello everyone!
Hope you're doing fine.
It's been a long time since I had to write this particular post but due to so many personal obligations I never did.
But better late than ever I guess...
Here I am with my post about the Easter gift exchange that Zina from EfZincreations organized for bloggers (Zina had also organized the Christmas gift exchange which was a blast and gave joy and excitement to all of us!).
This time the name of the exchange was Ah kounelaki! (which means oh little bunny in Greek).
The person I received gifts from was to my great pleasure and surprise someone I deeply admire and appreciate for her multi-talent personality and that I happen to know in person: Ariadne from Ariadne fromGreece.
Ariadne had a huge package made just for me and my current personal situation which is something that I didn't share with you up to now and it's high time I did:
Tah dah! I'm pregnant with my first baby, ladies and gentlemen, and hopefully I'll give birth in about a month from now.
So Ariadne who knew about it from the questionnaire I filled in about two months ago made all the goodies  I received precisely for this special occasion.
It was kind of a mini baby shower for me and I enjoyed it the minute I opened the package.
First of all, everything was sooo well and carefully put together as you can see in this picture.

Then I was so pleased with the way Ariadne wrapped each and every present.
All full of love and positive energy!

She also wrote a card with warm wishes with which I was very touched.

She put some  Easter chocolate eggs as a treat into the box ,

a beautiful colorful handmade soap made by Karalis soap

and one of the beautiful felt stones she makes herself in my favorite color, blue.

Last but not least, she stitched a little baby picture in the same color and even had it framed for me.

She was also very kind to ask me if I' m expecting a boy or a girl so that she could replace the stitch with a different color!(She couldn't ask me in advance because -you know- this would ruin the secret bunny surprise).
So given the fact that I'm expecting a baby girl she made a new stitch in bold pink for me!!

What can I say, I'm so excited and moved by all these!
Thank you so much Ariadne!
And thank you Zina for organizing -once more- a wonderful event for us!

Monday, 30 March 2015

3 years of blogging!

Hello there,
Long time no write, right?
Well, it's been a very busy period for me with activities I can't share with you right now (but promise to do at a later time!) so blogging was not one of my priorities.
Anyway, the reason I am writing this post is the fact that this month, about 3 years ago, I attempted to to put the first words in this blog.
Yep, you guessed it correctly, this is an anniversary post!
Since then, so many things have happened, and so many people came into my life bloggingwise speaking.
Talented,inspiring people full of ideas and creative spirit that made me realise that life can be so much fun if you decide to share your creativity with others.
There were many times I laughed,smiled and even got emotional by reading comments on my blog or by reading interesting posts by other bloggers whose blogs I follow.
There were also times that I got surprised that some of my thoughts and feelings had actually an impact on others and I  got more surprised when I saw my blog statistics
(12350 page views in 3 years was something that I could not imagine even in my wildest dreams).
For all this wonderful internet journey, I would like to thank each and everyone of you that came into my life and made it more colorful and inspiring!
Thank you all, my dear readers!
P.S. There is a 3 year anniversary giveaway coming shortly, so stay tuned!

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Work your art

A few days ago, Debbie, a very gifted and inspiring person contacted me through e-mail and asked me to be featured in her website as a "featured artist".
Before I tell you any details about it, I would like to say a few things about the site's hostess and her multiple skills and talents.
Debbie is a graphic designer, a shop owner,an Etsy team captain and an author of the subject of creative marketing.
Her site, Work Your Art is a very helful guide to all people who would wish to see their art creations reach a larger audience.
Debbie presents in a very simple -yet effective way- many tips and tricks for any artist regardless of their field (digital scrapbook design,painting,jewelry making, illustration etc.) in order to improve their marketing strategies and make an impact with their work.
So, without any hesitation I accepted the invitation to be hosted in her site and I have to admit the whole experience was really enjoyable.
Debbie did a great job presenting me and my creations and I would like to thank her once more for this lovely talk we've had and also for the chance she gave me to share my story with her site's audience.
Here is the short conversation/presentation.

Thanks again Debbie!
And keep on doing the inspiring work you do for all of us that need a guide to the chaos of creative marketing!
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