Monday, 2 November 2015

A lovely handmade mei tai baby carrier

Ηi everyone,
Hope you're doing fine.
Me,well I've been pretty busy with my obligations as a new mom so eventually writing for the blog was not one of my priorities.
All this time though, I had in the back of mind to write about a baby product that has helped me tremendously during the first 2-3 months of my baby (and still is actually!).
It is a baby carrier -a mei tai to be more accurate- that has made my life with my newborn way easier.
After doing some research on the internet about the right way to carry your baby, I found out that the best way to do it and not harm your newborn's spine is having a mei tai and not a baby carrier that keeps your baby's spine on a upright position.
So all this internet surfing led me to a lovely Greek Etsy shop and a very talented and creative person behind these colorful and inspiring handmade creations.
Iro is the owner of Κίτρινο (=means yellow in Greek) and a very friendly girl who makes fabulous women bags, mei tai baby carriers, ordinary scarves and scarves for nursing and also diaper bags.
The patterns and colors are just amazing and each creation is one of a kind.
I also got my mei tai in a colorful fabric bag so that I could keep it clean and have it easily carried everywhere (and to tell you the truth I do carry it  and use it everywhere - from practically each and every room of my house when the baby is restlelss and crying to going for a walk or shopping).
You can check οut her Etsy shop, her Facebook page and her site.
I'm sure you'll find something to absolutely fall in love with!

Me and my baby girl with Kitrino mei tai baby carrier


  1. εχω και εγω δημιουργια της και τη λατρευω! παρα πολυ ομορφος ο μαρσιππος σας κουκλες!

    1. Ναι έχει πολύ όμορφα πράγματα Ζήνα! Ευχαριστούμε πολύ :)))


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