Thursday, 17 May 2018

Fashion Revolution Afteworks workshop

Hello everyone!

Hope you are doing fine. As for me I've been busy with lots of things so blogging was not my priority, although once more I admit I really missed it.
Anyway, last month was a very interesting period for me craftwise.
Maybe some of you remember that my latest 'experiment' with new reusable materials was making Christmas ornaments with PET plastic bottles and also making my debut (so to speak) as a DIY workshop animator.
Well, this workshop was a success so Stylianee from whatevewears who is Luxembourg's Fashion Revolution Coordinator asked me to do this again in the context of Fashion Revolution Week which was held from the 23th till the 28th of April 2018.
The event was hosted in Gudde Wellen and a number of ethical fashion designers and trend setters participated and presented their products, all manufactured with eco-friendly and sustainable materials.*
This time we created statement brooches made out of plastic bottles and all the participants were so full of ideas and inspiration!
So I let the photos do all the talking instead of me.
Till next time
Take care and keep on asking #whomademyclothes!

Some of the samples I prepared before the workshop
The participants were so creative and took upcycling to another level!

All materials (including nail polish!) were used 

So many talented and eco conscious designers and artists gathered in one place

Our Fashion Revolution Team, me on the left and our CC in the middle  (thank you Stylianee for being such an inspiration!)

Be curious. Find out. Do something.


*Of course, as many of you now this event is taking place in every country and is part of a global movement called Fashion Revolution which demands more transparency and better conditions for garment workers across the globe.
This movement emerged after the tragic accident of the 2013 Rana building collapse where 1.134 people were killed and approximately 2.500 were injured. This is considered the deadliest structural failure accident in modern history and therefore also the deadliest garment factory accident in history.
So after this tragedy, people all over the world reacted massively and wanted to know more about the way fashion products are being manufactured.
The hashtag #whomademyclothes became viral and the movement a great success.
Moreover, this instant reaction from consumers worldwide forced the fashion manufacturers to develop a more responsible and eco friendly policy as far as their products are concerned (although a lot of things need to be done towards this direction).

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  1. I love seeing you so creative in the new world you live in!AriadnefromGreece!


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