Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Well, it's been a rather busy and hectic period these past couple of months for me as I have been very much involved in a Law seminar which proved much more complicated and demanding than I thought it would be.
Anyway, I am actually not complaining since it has been one of the things I looked forward to it for quite some time now (from the end of the summer when  I found out about it to be more accurate).
Moreover, I am quite thrilled with the courses (since International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law are my favorite fields of Law) and this is some compensation for me when I have to read and write tons of pages.
Enough with the legal stuff, I think it's time I told  you about the activities that keep me relaxed and creative this time around (Since my Etsy shop launching is absolutely nada due to lack of time).
That's the magic word and hobby this past month...
I have been taking some lessons and  to tell you the truth I'm quite proud of my creations (If I do say so myself!) but mostly I'm quite impressed by how easily with very few materials something artful and inspirational can be made.
As you can see from the photos traditional decoupage themes is not what I'm fond of.
No flower/romantic decoration for me...No way...Perhaps this has to do with the fact that if I chose this kind of  decoration then I wouldn't know how to match the decoupaged items with the rest of my home's (minimal) decoration.
Of course, some of the romantic themed decoupage creations my classmates made were pretty adorable
and maybe my creations are too modern/ or too weird for that matter...
Have a look and tell me what you think...
Decoupage with colorful small pieces of tissue paper

Decoupage with magazine pages

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