Monday, 10 June 2013

Last but not least (a facebook page)!

Ever since I 've decided to create this blog I kept telling to myself I should have a Facebook page as well.All this time though, I thought that this wasn't an easy thing to do and I constantly postponed it because the profile I was thinking of creating was never satisfying enough for me.
I mean, having an Etsy profile for example is something that you can build consulting Etsy articles about it or checking out some shops you can relate to.

On the other hand, a Facebook page is something different.
You refer to a much broader audience, to people that have little or nothing to do with jewelry making so you have to be appealing and aproachable at the same time.

Finally, all these second thoughts came to an end and after quite a long time I 've managed to pull myself together and create a page that would be something I could at least not be ashamed of.

Anyway,enough with the rambling...
Ta dah!!

HERE it is....
Hope you really like it...
P.S. If you do, pleaaase ''like'' it!
I could use all the votes of confidence I can get! :))

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