Monday, 11 February 2013

DIY home decoration project

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Over a year ago I saw an amazing diy project in Apartment Therapy.I  never got this project out of my mind  but  I've always wanted to do something a little bit different.
Being a fan of interesting quotes or words I really wanted  to make them  part of my home decoration so I could see them every day and get inspired by them.
So one day I came up with  an idea that took me a while to get it done. First of all,I also used a curtain rod that had about 3/4- inch diameter and a couple of big hooks that were screwed into the wall studs so that the curtain rod was secured enough.
Then I used transparent nylon thread fishing string to fasten the white Christmas lights on the curtain rod. I tried to put as many pieces of fishing string as I could so that the lights were very tightly put on the curtain rod.
After that,I used a german silver sheet 0,20 mm and I cut and hammered the four letters of the word I chose to put on the rod.I painted one of the letters  (the letter O) with a red glossy paint and I made a hole in the center of it so I could stick with the a piece of silver plated wire a glass heart bead onto it.

So here it is!My Valentine's statement home diy project.The thing is, I have it  on my wall all year long. It has been part of my living room decoration now.
Cause after all, love is a 24/7 feeling, isn't it?

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