Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Have a great August everyone!

Well, I know I have not been very steady  these days as far as blogging activity is concerned.As I have said in a previous post, you can blame it all on the Greek summer.There has been an incredible heatwave practically all July long here in Greece and it seems that the temperature will be at its peek this first week of August as well. So I think it is pretty tough being focused on writing and finding themes for blogging when all you wanna do is lying on the beach and enjoying summer.
I will be spending these following days at the island of Skiathos which is one of the Sporades island and is situated in the northern of the Aegean island.I guess these short holidays is an extra excuse for not blogging.But  hopefully I will return with lots of photos (by the way this island is absolutely beautiful -a must go/see!) so I promise I will post lots of them and make up for all my absense these past days.
Wish you all the best.Have fun and make the most of this summer!!

P.S.Here's a preview of Skiathos (Some photos from the net). Hope my photos will be as good as these ones...Keep my fingers crossed!

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