Tuesday, 12 April 2016

A giveaway and a (secret) bunny!

Hi everyone!
Hope you are doing fine.
Well, once more it's been ages since I posted to my blog cause I've been very very busy with lots of things which  I will describe later on following posts.
The reason I write this post is -in fact- two:
First of all I would like to inform you, if you are not already informed that is, about a giveaway that already takes place and is hosted by Etsy Greek Street Team.This month's giveaway is one of my own creations.
It is a pair of green and red earrings made by alpaca and liquid glass and you could be the lucky winner just by making a comment on this Etsy Greek Street Team's post. (By the way, I would like to thank Christina from Xroma for this lovely presentation of me and my work of art).

The second reason is that I have taken part once more at the Easter exchange of Greek bloggers that once more is being organised by my beloved blogger Zina.

So I am in a very creative mood right now as I'm preparing the package for my Secret Bunny.
(Nope, I CAN'T tell you whom it is for just yet, it's supposed to be a secret- shhh...)
But I CAN tell what the package will contain:
A handmade neclace that I made just for her, some Easter chocolate (you know eggs, bunnies, the usual stuff) and also a petite handmade Easter card with lots of wishes.
Here's a glimpse:

Hope -and keep my fingers crossed!- that my recipient likes it.
At least I did my best!


  1. This looks lovely!I am sure whoever recieves it will be very happy!The same goes for the giveaway!AriadnefromGreece!

  2. Beautiful neclace! I love it! Fb: Petroula Philippou

  3. This looks really beautiful and unique! Well done!


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