Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Diy sewing box

Hello everyone!
Hope you're doing fine!
Well, this must have been the longest absence from my blog due to reasons I will write in a following post but I have to admit things have been pretty good and joyful for me lately (But as  I said I will tell you about it sometime soon in the near future).
In this post I would like to share with you a diy sewing box project I did a few weeks ago.
It wasn't  a very difficult one, provided of course you do know some things about decoupage (it seems that my decoupage lessons paid off after all!).
So here it is...
Αll you need is:
An old cardboard or wooden box
A small paintbrush
Some sewing themed patterns (I found mine from Google and then printed them)

Decoupage medium
A piece of blotting paper (I used one little piece from the decoration of a flower bouquet)
A pair of scissors in order to make a couple of holes
A piece of wire (I used a plastic covered one)
A piece of ribbon
A fancy extra shinning/pearl/strass button for decoration (or any other button for that matter)

Now let's move on with the procedure:
First of all, take the box and start the decoupage technique( you know the drill- you put some decoupage medium onto the box with the brush then stick the piece of paper and then put some more decoupage medium onto to the piece of paper).
Do this in every area you would like it to be decorated with sewing patterns.
I for example decorated the top of the lid and the side of the box.

Then after the papers are dried turn around the lid and take a strip of blotting paper and glue the sides of it to the inside of the lid (This was the place I put all my safety pins actually as you can see in the picture).
After that use the piece of wire to support the pair of scissors and make a hole so that you tighten the wire in front of the lid (This is where I put a) a piece of black ribbon so that I could 'hide' the knot of the wire and b) the fancy button for the same reason).

Well, that's about it...
Now stuff the sewing box with every thread, needle, button,safety pin etc. that you possess.
Little boxes and bottles will be most helpful at this point.

Hope you found the project interesting.
I enjoyed so much doing it and I think you will too...
Cause after all sewing mends the soul! :)



  1. So sweet!You can hide some chocolate inside too!AriadnefromGreece!

  2. so cute and really practical! I like it!!!!

  3. Τhank you girls!!
    @Ariadne, no chocolate stays hidden in my place for too long! ;-)


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