Monday, 2 June 2014

Easy weasy diy neclace holder

Hello everyone and happy June!
As I have mentioned before winter has been a rather hectic period for me for lots of reasons.
But nevertheless from time to time I had the pleasure to find a few moments for diy creations that actually kept me relaxed and gave me a boost through tough times.
One of these moments was when I finally decided to set my neclaces free...Yeah, you read it right, they were trapped and imprisoned inside a jewelry box, tangled to one another and whenever I decided to wear one of them it was so complicated (literally speaking!) that I would change my mind and say to myself: Ok then, maybe you should wear a scarf or a pair of earrings instead...Sometimes I even forgot the very existence of some of them because they were in such a mess that I didn't remember they were part of my jewelry.
So one day after some pinterest searching I decided I should give an old hanger a try and transform it into a useful and lovely neclace hanger.
To cut a long story short, this diy project took me less than half an hour to create (Ok I admit it the neclace untagling took me waay longer!)
Here are the few things I needed for that:
A metal hanger
Some round bead stoppers
Stainless steel wire
Metal wire (a 0.6-0.8 mm will do)
A side cutter
A round nose pliers
A flat nose pliers
And last but not least some beads!

First of all, you turn a piece of stainless steel wire (cut it quite long and then see if you need to cut it shorter) around the metal hanger and from time to time put one or more beads for decoration.
Then use two round bead stoppers to tighten it wherever you like, either on top or at a corner of the hanger.
Make sure the wire is fastened securely and then move on to the next step which is making some wire hooks so that you have more neclaces to hang.
You make a hook like this with the round nose pliers (sorry about the blurry photo!)

and then you hang all these hooks onto the hanger at about 5-10 cm from one another.
That, of course depends on how many neclaces you need to hang on the holder!

And ta-dah!

An easy weasy diy neclace holder in less than an hour!

P.S.Needless to say that I wear my neclaces much more often than before and since I 've hanged the hanger behind my bedroom door I see them all the time!


  1. It looks lovely!AriadnefromGreece!

  2. Πολύ όμορφο, πραγματικά καταπληκτικό!!!

  3. πανεξυπνο και πολυ ευχρηστο!

  4. Με έχει βολέψει πραγματικά πολύ... Ευχαριστώ κορίτσια! :)


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