Thursday, 25 July 2013

My be♥d Anafi

Τhe first time I have been to Anafi island was centuries ago.For those of you who are not Greek or have never heard of it I will give you a first hint.
It is very close to one of the most famous islands in the world, Santorini and also one of the Cyclades islands which have taken their name from the shape they form (that of a circle-κύκλος in greek language) around the sacred island of the ancient Greeks, Delos.
Well, that's enough with the historic data, now let's go back to Anafi....
Just imagine the island of Santorini with a town (chora) situated so very high on the mountain peak but  less crowded and ''civilized'', beaches that are more friendly to the visitor than Santorini's volcanic beaches are.
Then, try to think how such a beautiful island would be without all these night clubs,fancy restaurants and luxurious hotels.
Yep, now you get the idea of how Anafi is really like.
In fact, it is an island that ''the less is more'' attitude is coming to life.
It has everything you need, especially if you are a fan of small places that provide only the necessary for your summer vacation: A few sandy beaches, a town (well, that is an overstatement for the island of Anafi,given the fact that it is inhabited by not more than 300 people during winter time), and some small, family-run restaurants that serve the most delicious homemade dishes you could taste.

I have visited the island for the second time some days ago.It was such a pleasant surprise for me to find out that even though so many years have passed and Anafi has been slightly touched by the hand of tourism and civlization it still gives you the same uncanny, almost otherwordly feeling.
 Moreover,the human factor certainly adds a lot to the equation: Friendly,warm local people would welcome you with a smile and would remind you of a more careless period in Greece, when the crisis and all were not part of our everyday life.
In fact, in this tiny corner of the Aegean sea everything is so simple and minimal that maybe you get to see what is really significant and meaningful in life or maybe you are taught a lesson: you see how people learn to live with less by taming the elements of nature and how they make the most of the small gifts that are given to them.
Although I  had the luck and  pleasure of being around quite a lot of summer destinations, especially here in Greece, one thing is pretty certain: Anafi will always have a special place in my heart.


  1. I am so in love with your beautiful country!

    Kalispera apo Germany kai filakia,


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