Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Live your myth in...Skiathos

Well, as I said in a previous post, I think it's about time I kept my promise and published the photos from my holidays in Skiathos.This place is absolutely amazing!Sandy beaches, pineforests that practically reach the seaside, a pretty wild night life, excellent food and really nice local people are some of the assets of this lovely island of Sporades.Moreover, it is one of the locations that the most beloved musical ''Mamma Mia'' was shot.So if you get lucky and the weather is fine you should not miss the boat trip around the island where you get to see the actual spots that memorable scenes  from the movie took place.

There is only bad thing about this island,though... You don't get enough of it and you look forward to returning back someday.So it is not an 'adieu' kind of attitude,it is more of an 'au revoir'...
Ok, enough with the rambling...Let the photos speak for themselves...

 ''Mamma mia'' location (''The winner takes it all''scene)
Lalaria beach
Skiathos port
Tsougrias island
Some artistic detail (should I say diy idea) from a fancy restaurant

Oh my...those cocktails!So impressive and huge..

There was a dilemma at some point eating the salad.We didn't want to spoil the decoration..Nah, just kidding...

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