Saturday, 23 June 2012

Grab that button!

 As I was browsing my favorite shops on Etsy the other day, I came across one shop which has made my day so many times.Everytime a new item is published a smile is automatically put on my face.All these funny and sarcastic quotes printed on buttons really make a statement,don't you think?
By the way, buttons are  accessories that remind me -and probably most of us- of my teenage years when everyone had to find the most original and weird buttons to show off to his classmates...Such a funny period!!
And I think that now that the fashion of the 80's is back buttons are surely one of the must-wear accessories for a total 80's look.
Anyway,enough with the rambling...Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you beanforest from Etsy, a person with a great sense of humor (you should check out his profile and find out for yourselves) as I can presume.
And here are some of his items.Hope they make your day the same way they did mine-dozens of  times....

Nope, I guess we can't!! ;)

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